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Ref: J. Hofmeyer
Delverwood / Shongweni, Natal.
The new lines consisted of 1 km twin tunnels and the re-lining of ca 100m of the Shongweni Tunnel with the new line.
Duration: 30 months
Length of tunnel:
2 x 1000m
6m h x 5m w
Section area: 32m2
Sub contract from:
Buccimazza, Pompei & Bassi
Ref: A. Vernetti
De Doorn.
Twin Tunnels each 500m long
Duration: 16 months

2 x 500m tunnels
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
Cross section area: 32 m2
Lining: Concrete lined

Sub contract from Toro (Pty) Ltd
Delverwood Railway Tunnels
Vryheid Railway Tunnel
Ref: Imprefed (Federici)
Newcastle, Natal.
Twin 250m long lined railway tunnels.
Duration: 10 months
Length: 400m
Dimensions: 6m h x 5m w
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
Sub contract from Imprefed (Italy)
Ref: D. du Toit. Insp/Eng
Near Vryheid, Natal.
Single, concrete lined railway tunnel.
Duration: 7 months
Length: 400m
Dimensions: 6m h x 5m w
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
City Council of Johannesburg.
Eng: Design branch city Eng. dept. JHB.
Ref: D. Easton, Chief Tenderer, LTA.
Johannesburg, Gauteng.
Sewer tunnel traversing quartzite formation and lava.
Duration: 42 months
1. Excavated: 2,6m x 2,6m
Lined: 2,0m x 2,0m
2. . Excavated: 3,1m x 3,35m
Lined: 2,5m x 2,75m
Cross section area: 1. 3,8m2
2. 6,5 m2
Lining: Dolomitic concrete 3000mm - inverted U shape.
Total length of tunnels: 7000m
Gradient: 1 in 1700
Excavation method: Drill and blast. Rail loader “Grandori”rolling stock/headgear tippler

Bushkoppie Outfall Server

Du-Toit’s Kloof Pilot Tunnel Ground Freezing
National Roads Department.
Eng: VKE
D. Hurter, LTA
(50% partnership)
Du Toits Kloof
Construction of pilot tunnel for the Du Toits Kloof road tunnel.
Duration: 24 months
2,6m w x 2,75m h
Length: 3 800m
50% partnership with LTA. First time ground freezing done in SA.
Electricity Dept.
Jhb Municipality.
H.D. von Oppel, Chief Engineer.
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Delvers Street Tunnel
A 1 400m tunnel for Electrical distribution cables.
Duration: 20 months
Length: 1 400m
Dimensions: Excavated - 2,6m x 2,6m
Lined - 2m x 2m
Cross section area: 8,41m2
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
Lining : Steel arches and concrete lined.
Gradient: 1 in 68m
Tunnel running under Jeppe st, 3m under Post office tunnel, along Delvers St, 2m below road surface in places.
Delver Street Tunnel
Westville University Tunnel
Rand Water Board
Eng: RWB
Ref: RWB Chief Eng.
New Canada , Gauteng.
120m New Canada Stn. Tunnel.
Duration: 4 months
Length: 120m
Dimensions lined:
2m x 2m
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
Cross section area: 3,3m2
Lining material: Concrete
This tunnel was lined completely using a pump situated outside the tunnel.
Durban Corporation.
Durban Corp.
Mr van de Linde
Durban, Natal.
Sewerage tunnel,
Amatlarana Durban.
Duration: 10 months
Length: 500m
Dimensions: 2,6m x 2,6m
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
Gradient: 1 %
Water Board
Eng: Keeve Steyn
Ref: F. Ilse
Westville, Natal.
Tunnel under Westville University.
Duration: 24 months
Length: 3 800m
Dimensions lined: 3,05m
Excavation method: Bored
Sub-contracted from Clifford Harris.
Mozambique Water Authorities.
Eng: CMC of Italy
Ref: A. Tamai
Chief Overseas Operations. Ravena, Italy.
60km East of Maputo, Mozambique
5 shafts sunk through other weathered material.
Duration: 5 months
5 x vertical shafts
Dimensions: 4,5m x 3,5m
Depth: 40m each
Cross section area: 15,75m2
Excavation method: Spiling
Lining material: Unlined
Vaal River Project – Shaft
Vaal River Project – Shaft Piling / Collar
Rand Water Board.
Vaal River Project.
Eng: S.R.K.
Ref: S. Jeffries
Dir. Esor.

Vaal River, Vereeniging, Gauteng.
Access shafts and tunnel under the Vaal river.

Duration: 14 months

Access shaft – OFS bank: 36m deep vertical.
Access shaft – Tvl bank: 65m deep vertical.
Dimensions: 5m x 7m elliptical
Excavation method: Conventional drill and blast; Eimco 630 used when conditions permitted. Tower crane used to hoist kibbles which were tipped into trucks
Lining Material:
PAC mesh reinforced.

Shaft on the OFS side in extremely poor ground required continuous grouting for water control.

Sub contracted to Main contractors: Esor Ground Eng.

Maguga Dam - Swaziland. Diversion Tunnel Portal
Maguga Dam – Swaziland. Intake Shaft - Full face sinking
Bomar/Shaft Sinkers Joint Venture (50/50) Sub-contracted to Komati Dam Joint Venture (Main Contractors) for the Underground Works:
Eng: Maguga Dam J.V.: Consult4, Lahnmeyer, Swazi Group
KDJV - P. Taylor - Proj. Man.
MDJV - Mr. Matchett

Komati River near Pigg’s Peak Swaziland - Underground works for the Diversion of river for the Maguga Dam Project.

Duration: 7 months

Diversion Tunnel:
9.2m h x 8m w (68m2 face area) 400m long.
Outlet Tunnel:
7.2m h x 8m w (57m2 face area) 450m long.
Intake Shaft:
200m2 area x 21m deep.
Penstock Tunnel:
4.25m h x 6.5m w.
Support: 2, 3, 4 and 6 m long roofbolts, wet & dry steel fibre shotcrete, some arches and mesh. Concrete floor and Portal lining.
Excavation Method: Tunnels: Full face drill & blast using 3 boom drill rig, and Front End Loaders, trucks. Shaft: Innovative Scraper system working on top of Dropraised pilot hole, tower crane
Current. New technology emulsion (UBST) used with great success in all excavations. Rounds up to 4.4m long achieved. 206m of tunnel excavations achieved in one month, 159m in a single tunnel.
Johannesburg Water
Supervision: Goba Noahloli Keeve Steyn
GMKS -Trevor Nxumalo
Johanesburg Water - Paul Muller, Project Manager
Cerimele-Phenduka –
Mr Eduardo Cerimele

Leeuwkop Outfall Relief Sewer Project
Consisting of 3.78km long “cut and cover” pipeline section which was dug from surface, a 604m tunnel under Barbeque Downs residential area, 20m of pipe jacked pipeline snf 236m seven span pipebridge over the Jukskei river.

Duration of tunnel excavation: 11 Months

Length of tunnel: 604.5m
Excavated:- 2m x 2m
Llined :- 1.5m x 1.5m
Excavation method: Drill and blast with concurrent lining to walls and roof.
Support:: 150m was passively supported using steel arches and lagging
Bomar sub-contracted to Cerimele-Phenduka JV for tunnel section.
West Shaft Head Gear
Leeuwkop Relief Outfall Sewer Tunnel - Concrete Lining
Tshwane Metropolitan Council.
Eng. V.K.E
Ref. Chris Viljoen

Replacement Augmentation of the Pienaarsriver Outfall Sewer – Mamelodi Tunnel Section.

Duration:  13 months

Length: 760m
Dimensions: 3m x 3m
Cross section: 9m2
Lining: Dolomitic Concrete Excavation quantity: 7 000m3
Concrete lining quantity: 1200m3
Bomar-Cerimele JV sub-contracted to Cerimele – Phenduka JV
Mamelodi Tunnel - Equipped approach cut
Mamelodi Tunnel - North Portal
Gautrain Project
Bombela Civils Joint Venture –
Proj. Director, North - Sjoert De Boer

Deep Foundations for Viaducts 5b and 5d.

Duration:  11 months

11 shafts at John Vorster and Jean Ave which will constitute the deep foundations for the Gautrain viaducts, 7m in diameter and sunk to depths varying from 12m to 45m.
Bomar has used two innovative methods, extremely helpful in the safe excavation and support of the shafts:
1. very effective blast protection which permits blasting very close to buildings and the highway
2. a conical shutter which allows concrete pours anytime when required to negotiate very unstable ground in dolomitic formations.
Sub Contractor
Looking down shaft: Showing conical concrete lateral support and 18T rebar base cap
80T crane lowering prefixed base cap rebar into shaft


Rand Mines Properties Ltd.
Ref: B. Richards
Rand Mines.

Marikana, (near Rustenburg).

Reopening of the 10 degree incline.

Duration: 4 months

Length: 150m
Gradient: 10º
Dimensions: 4m w. x 2,5m h.
Cross section: 9m2
Lining: Timber sets.                                    
The shaft was filled with water. It had to be dewatered and new concrete floor cast and equipped with fails and services.
Montrose Mine Decline
Phalaborwa In Pit Crusher Project
Eng: Gencor
Ref: H, Smith
Chief Operations, Gencor.

Montrose Mine, Steelpoort.

1000m Decline shaft; 4 stations; 400m f/wall drives; 150m raises and equipping of shaft and stations.

Duration: 30 months

Length of decline: 800m
5m x 2,75m h
Cross section area: 11,8 m2
Inclination: 12º
Concreting of floor and rails installed.
Total length drives: 400m
2,5m x 2,5m
4 stations and 150m raises.
East Rand Proprietary Mines Ltd.
H.E. von Antwerpen, GM.

Boksburg, Gauteng.
41 level haulage 1 000m deep on the East Shaft which had been partially excavated by the mine.

Duration: 24 months

4,5m x 4,95m
Cross section: 15 m2
Length: 3 500m
Gradient: 1 in 200
Excavation method:
Drill and blast
Middlebult Colliery.
Eng: Keeve Steyn.
Ref: P. O’Dell
Secunda, Transvaal.
Design and construction of six grout plugs to seal panels against the ingress of water.
Duration: 6 months
6 x grouted, steel reinforced panels 6m x 3,5m in cross section x 3,5m thick. Grout mixture of 2 sand; 1 cement pumped from surface through 25mm column 1 200m long.
Middlebult Colliery.
Eng: Keeve Steyn.
Ref: P. O’Dell
Secunda, Transvaal.
Design and construction of thirty grout plugs to seal panels against the ingress of water.
Duration: 4 months
30 x grouted, steel reinforced panels 6m x 3,5m in cross section x 0,6m thick.  
Phalaborwa Mining Company.
Fluor Engineers (SA) Pty Ltd.
Fluor Eng.
S. W. Robinson.

Phalaborwa, Northern Transvaal.
In Pit Crusher and Conveyor Project.
Excavation of decline including concrete floor; Crusher chamber and access drifts to intersect decline.

Duration: 12 months

Decline length: 1 043m
Gradient: 15,5º
Dimensions: 5m w. x 3,5m h.
Cross section area: 15,28m2
Crusher chamber: 13 900m3
Depth: 35m
Supports: Rockbolts; mesh and shotcrete.
Excavation method:
Drill and blast.
Constructed in joint venture with Clifford Harris (Pty) Ltd.
A record was achieved for decline shaft excavation.
Anglo American De Beers/ Falconbridge Joint Venture.
Eng: Anglo American.
Ref: De Beer Prospecting, Bots. Dr Loney.

Gope- Central Kalahari District, Botswana.
Erection of headgear and winder and sinking and equipping of (include. Sets) prospect shaft and drives.

Duration: 7 months

Vertical shaft: 150m deep
Shaft dimensions:
1,8m x 2,8m finished.
Drives dimensions:
2,5m x 3m x 200m long
Excavation method:
Drill and blast.
Equipping shaft steel sets, ladderways and services
Constructed in joint venture with LTA Construction. (50%)
Sasol Operation (Pty) Ltd.
Secunda Colliery.
Eng: K.S.I.
Ref: Mr J Botha
Proj. Eng.

Middlebult Mine, Secunda, Transvaal.

Duration: 12 months

Raisebore shaft to 1,8m diameter, slipe to 4,8m diameter and concurrently line with concrete.
Depth: 140m
Constructed in joint venture with LTA Construction. (50%)
Gope Prospect Shaft - Botswana
Middlebult Mine - Concrete lining for 6m dia. shaft
Sasol Operation (Pty) Ltd.
Secunda Colliery.
Eng: K.S.I.
Ref: Mr J Botha
Proj. Eng.

Middlebult Mine, Secunda, Transvaal.

Duration: 7 months

Raisebore shaft to 1,8m diameter, from 130m below surface. Sliped to 6m diameter with material gravitated to shaft bottom and mucked out of tunnel below with LHD. Concrete lined.
Depth: 127m
Constructed in joint venture with LTA Construction. (50%)
Pipe being lowered into shaft to consolidate section in poor ground - Bosjesspruit Vent Shafts.
Gloria Shaft – Decline approach cut

Sasol Operation (Pty) Ltd.
Secunda Colliery.
Eng: K.S.I.

Bosjespruit Mine, Secunda, Transvaal.

Duration: 6 months

2 shafts at 175m deep. Raisebore shafts, slipe to 3,85m diameter.
Concrete lining – both shafts were carried out using a continuous slip-form method (first time used in a long shaft underground)
Construction in Joint Venture with LTA Construction (50%)
Very poor ground conditions were encountered in one of the shafts causing fall of material from the vertical walls 110m from surface. Section was consolidated by means of a custom fabricated steel pipe, equipped with grouting outlets
Eng: Gencor
Ref: J. McFarlane
Project Manager
Blinkpan Colliery, South Eastern Transvaal.
Vertical vent shaft and decline shaft construction.
Duration: 14.5 months
Decline dimensions:
7m x 4m high x 1 000m
Vert. shaft:
8m diameter x 150m deep.
Rockbolts; shotcrete.
Extensive emergency design and consolidation work, carried out from surface. Drilling and installation of cable tendons and pumping of concrete to a custom designed shutter in decline pre-fixed with reinforcing, to support incompetent ground.
Inv. Zimbabwe.
Eng: V.E.L.
Ref: W.Taylor, VEL. Chinoy,
Golden Kopje Mine
Duration: 6 months
Sink, concrete line and equip buntons; ladderway and services 80m deep; 4,32m dia lined circular vertical shaft.
Method: Sinking
Shaft hole through into existing sub vertical shaft

Amplats Management Services

Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine, R.S.A

Duration: 6 months (incl TBM shipping etc)

2 m diameter reef raise x 350m long at 14º inclination.
Inclination peaked at 17º at places.
First time a TBM used for reef raising. The trial proved viability of technology in platinum mines.
BRPM – View of TBM boring platinum reef raises

Kinross Holdings
Blanket Mine
Mr C. Mangezi

Blanket Mine – Gwanda, Zimbabwe
No. 4 Shaft Lining and Equipping

Duration: 11 months

-Existing 800m deep shaft to be equipped with buntons, guides, travelling way and pipes.
-Top 100m to be concrete lined.
-Scope includes for stripping of existing guides, buntons, Hway and pipes and the installation of shaft bottom loading station complete with spillage arrangements and detailed design drawing.
Main Contractor
Blanket Mine - No 4 Shaft Headgear

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited.

Project Manager: Peter O’Toole

Project Leader: Kobus Le Roux

Evander Gold Mine, Evander, Mpumalanga

No. 8-shaft, 17 to 24 level Ventilation shaft Support Project

Duration: 10 months     Completed:  July 2010   

Design and establish shaft stage, stage winding gear, kibble winder, u/g headgear, bank steelwork to two collars, rockbolting equipment, shotcrete mixing, transporting
and spraying equipment and services.

Rock support with 1.5m x 20mm rock-bolts and 100mm thick fibrecrete lining of 415m x 4.5m diameter raise-bored ventilation shaft.

Support Quantities:

• 2300No rockbolts

• 5900m2 100mm thick 40Mpa fibrecrete

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited

Shaft Engineer:

Tono MJ Ndlovu

Masimong 5 Shaft, Welkom, Free State

Installation of Steelwork (Measuring Flask) in Shaft

Duration : 5 days

- Dismantle old measuring flask, remove and bring to surface.

- Dismantle 2 measuring flask doors with hydraulic cylinders and door links and replace once new flask is installed.

- Remove spillage skip tipping path at the top of the flask; head pulley of number 3 conveyor belt; divider screens and RSJ beam between the man winder compartments (3 and 4) and the flask at elevation 2200.59 and -2205.00.

-Install the new flask and replace services.

All work was to be completed over the period 22/04/2011 to 27/04/2011 Easter weekend.

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited

Project Leader:  Kobus Le Roux

Evander Gold Mine, Evander, Mpumalanga

No. 8-shaft, Development of 17 level airways.

Duration: 8 months Completed:  September 2011                     

Approximately 500m of 12m2 horizontal raise development including excavations / sliping of raisebore, fan, transformer and bulk air cooler chambers.                                     

Equipping with tracks, ventilation services piping.                                                               

Conventional tracked development.      Rock support:  2.2m long bolts in a 1 x 1m pattern.

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited

Project Leader:  Kobus Le Roux

Evander Gold Mine, Evander, Mpumalanga

No. 8-shaft, No. 17, 18 & Ventilation Shaft Equipping.

Duration: 6 months   Completion: June 2013  

The Installation of 450m deep shaft support buntons, compressed air pipes, chilled waterpipes with lagging, dirty water pipes and cables.

Stage and kibble modifications.

Installation of penthouse.

Installation of appros. 4.5km on levle chilled water, condenser water and compressed air pipes on 17 & 18 level.



Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited

Project Leader:  Kobus Le Roux

Evander Gold Mine, Evander, Mpumalanga.

No. 8-shaft, Ore pass rehabilitation between 13 and 14 level.

Duration:  5 months     Completed: June 2013

Main Shaft Ore Pass rehabilition between 13 and 14 levels, including the creation of dead boxes.



Caledonia Mining Corporation.

Blanket Mine

Manager: Mr. C Mangezi

Blanket Mine - Gwanda, Zimbabwe

No. 4 Shaft Maintenance Works.

Duration: 3-4 months      Completion:  Feb 2012

Maintenance and repair works to No. 4 Vertical Shaft Steelwork - 900m  

Goldfields Shared Services

GFI Mining SA (Pty) Ltd

South Deep Joint Venture

South Deep - 95L Decline Development at South Shaft

Duration:  12 months   Completion:  Project Shelved          

95 Level, 800m, 8 degrees Trackless Decline development.

4.5m x 5m including support.

(Production Mining using machinery)


Goldfields Shared Services

GFI Mining SA (Pty) Ltd

South Deep Joint Venture

South Deep - TM3-83L

Development at South Shaft

Completion: March 2014

83 Level, Trackless Production

(Production Mining using machinery)


Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold.

Tenke Fungerume Mining S.A.R.L.

General Manager: Richmond Fenn

Tenke Fungerume Mine - Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Excavation & Support of Prospect Shaft and Tunnel.

Duration:  10 months     Completion:  current


Design and construction of surface RC collar and foundation.

Temporary Works design and installations including headgear, kibblewinding gear, stage winding gear etc.

Excavation, support of a 3m dim. vertical shaft from surface to a depth of 68m.

Excavation of 220m gallery for sampling.


Tenke Fungurume Mine -

Prospect Shaft and Headgear

Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold.

Tenke Fungerume Mining S.A.R.L

Exploration Manager: Sebastien Lavoie

Tenke Fungerume Mine.- Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kwatebala Prospect Shaft & Galleries

Duration: 14 months
Completion: Current

Sinking of 3.2m Vertical shaft x 200m deep and 200m of 10m2 sample drives.




City of Hong Kong
MTCR Contracts 406//407
Ref: J.Blake
Chief Engineer
Paul Y Ltd
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong.
Consulting work for underground railway carried out on behalf of Paul Y Construction for the purpose of selecting plant and equipment requirements for this project and the elaboration of the method of work.

7 km long twin tunnels and stations.
Dimensions: 7m w. x 5m h.
Cross section: 32m2
Excavation method: Drill and blast, using hydraulic jumbo for drilling and Haggleoaders plus 16 ton trucks for cleaning.
Lining: Concrete lined
Constructed by Paul Y Construction.

City of Hong Kong.
Contract 430
D. Easton
Chief Estimator, LTA

Hong Kong

Consultancy dealing with method of work, the choice of plant and equipment requirements and site organisation. 4 multilevel underground basements with an area of 5 145m2 in total and a volume of 3 0224m3. Drill and blast and “scraping” to muck Construction by LTA/Marples Ridgeway.
British Petroleum Company.
Eng: BP
Cabeal, Southern Brazil.
Detailed costing of the project.
8 degree spiral ramp - 1 000m long.
Cross section area: 17,4m2
In addition, two exploratory drives each 400m long had to be priced.
Excavation method: Drill and blast
Lining: Unlined


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